Web Design Miss: A Critique of the Site MensHaircutAdvice.com

Content is king and this explains the lengths most site administrators will stretch in search for quality content. Sadly the chase for great content often blinds these site administrators like the menshaircutadvice.com owners of the importance of a great website design. They miss the point that you first need an attractive and interactive site, a base on which you can launch the sales and conversion drives.

I stumbled on this website the other day while looking for something for my husband, so I thought I’d drive this point home with an examination of the flaws in the design of menshaircutadvice.com.

Improperly executed visual principles

The primary goal of a website is to pull visitors in with the different pages serving the role of helping the site visitors navigate the site and direct them to the sales sections. To achieve this, you need an attractive and highly responsive website where packed with different visual effects that attract different users to the site.

They should also be free flowing in the different pages to help complement the interactive features of the website. Men’s haircut advice website fails in the implementation of these visual principles as it only employs a plain white background color for their website. The site designers fail to recognize the importance of bright background colors in helping capture the site visitor’s attention.

Applying contracting colors for the different pages within the site would have played a crucial role in helping improve their sites appeal to potential visitors. One might even conclude that it is quite dull or too plain for a grooming site.

Poor typography

Website developers are constantly coming up with new techniques in a bid to make their creations appealing and even more interactive. They have gradually moved away from the block content type of publishing and embraced the more daring typography form of designs. This involves matching up different types of fonts, colors, and characters in coming up with captivating content for your web pages that draw in readers.

It, however, seems like the menshaircutadvice.com site developers didn’t get hold of this memo as they result to the traditional and tired typography. Despite being a grooming site, that you would naturally expect to be flashy and charming, its tired nature paints a totally different picture of its developers.

Apart from the one or two font size differences between the headers and content page for their published content, the developers did little to improve the typography of the website. The images used in this content including in the About Us page do little to help ease the situation given their poor quality nature.

Poor goal-oriented design

The concentration span for an average human being is placed at eight seconds and is continually dipping with that of internet users placed at three seconds. This implies that a web designer has no more than three seconds to make the goal of their website known to the site visitor. Most designers, therefore, result to graphics or a mix of graphics and text to pass this all-important message that determines whether the visitors stays or moves along.

Menshairadvice.com also fails to make the intentions of their website clear. For instance, apart from the statement ‘guys grooming guide’ topping the home page, this all too important page does little to help the reader understand whether the site is a professional groomers opinions, haircut type specialist or a buying guide for men’s hair griming accessories.

The website designers leave a lot to the imagination and expect you to go through their disinteresting web pages as you try to figure out whether they offer grooming advice or sell haircut tools and hair fashion-related merchandise. The numerous pages on display further confuse the site visitors as they all employ a stand-alone feature with little effort on the designer and content developer to display how they all relate to each other or they play onto the idea of grooming a man through haircuts.

Finally, the site is just kind of absurd. For example, check out the ridiculous feature image used for this article:

Bottom line

There is no excuse for poor website designs as seen with menshaircutadvice.com. Not with the amount of information, web design guides, and templates available for both professionals and amateurs online for free. You will also note that most of the design flaws earning the site a negative report like poor display features and typography need not be executed by a professional web developer.

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